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"Anamorphose" project

The heritage under the territory, the territory under the heritage

The CPER project “Anamorphosis: the heritage under the territory, the territory under the heritage” explores the reciprocal influence of these two objects by considering, in particular, the heritage of the Hauts-de-France region that can be described as “invisible”, “disappeared” or “neglected”. This project, led by the University of Artois, involves 17 A2U laboratories, two institutes and a federative research structure.

The project is structured around three axes:

  1. Presence of the past: based on the Historical Ecology work of the EDYSAN laboratory, the traces and residues of human actions over the centuries and their current repercussions on the environment and the territory are studied.
  2. Heritage in the present: this involves studying the socio-economic, environmental, cultural or symbolic consequences of creating new heritages, or revalorising those that have been forgotten, ignored or neglected, with the aim of reflecting on the presuppositions of “heritage”, its role in the representation of territories and the definition of “heritages
  3. Constructing future heritages: this last axis proposes to elaborate, show or reconstitute in an innovative way unknown, forgotten or unsuspected heritages in order to propose another tourist approach of the territories.

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