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"I Consent" project

The project “I CONSENT – Inventons des CONtenus dédiés à la SENsibilitation et la Transmission d’informations autour du consentement” (I CONSENT – Let’s invent content dedicated to awareness raising and information transmission on consent) was selected by the Ministry during the call for projects “Support for higher education and research establishments in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence”. This project is led by the Picardie Jules Verne University within the framework of the A2U.

The actions planned for I CONSENT are of two kinds

– a competition open to all students with public feedback sessions, including prize-giving and conferences/debates;
– an online training course for all first-year students

The I CONSENT competition will take place from September to December 2022 and is open to all A2U Alliance students. Participants will have to propose a creative and artistic content in the form of a short video on the theme of consent. The winning videos will be used to enrich the online training.

The training will be built with partner associations that are experts in the field. It should be open to students at the beginning of 2023. This will allow to strengthen the partnership links between universities and associations, to set up sustainable collaboration mechanisms, to develop common expertise and to identify and make visible the reporting paths.

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